Celeste (2018)

 09 min   |   English   |  Director & Producer- Manuel Del Valle  

​Caleb, a mid 60´s ex alcoholic tracks down his 27 year old daughter that he abandoned  many years ago. Finding out she is a prostitute, he is forced to hire her in order to reveal his true identity and ask for her forgiveness.


HolaMexico Film Festival 

Los Angeles, CA


June 01-09  2018 

Cinestesia Fest

Bogotá, Colombia


May  15-17  2018 

Oaxaca FilmFest

Oaxaca, México


October 8  17:30pm  

Museo del Palacio (MUPAL) 

Oaxaca, Mx.

Fotofilm Film Fest

Tijuana, México


Short + Sweet Film Festival

Los Angeles, U.S.A

 Sep- 22- 2018  10:00 pm.  

Marlyn Monroe Theater

Los Angeles, U.S.A

18-55 Cine en Corto 2018

San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

Teatro De la Paz

3:45 pm 

 Nov  24   2018   


© 2018 by Manuel Del Valle

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